The Snow of Washington Street: A Memoir of Two Hours


The Snow of Washington Street: A Memoir of Two Hours


Ram C. Khatri obtained his degree from Tribhuwan University and went on to teach English literature to college level students in Nepal, while working as a translator/sub-editor for The Himalayan Times, one of the top English language daily newspapers. From these beginnings Ram travelled to the United States in 2013, where he went on to attain a Master’s in Print & Digital Publishing (M.S) from Pace University in New York. He has translated several prominent works including, Kaayapalat (Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis in Nepali) and Rebel (an anthology of Nepali Maoist war short stories).

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Set in a small town in the American state of Massachusetts, and taking place over two hours, the story’s protagonist is a recent newcomer who gets stuck in the snow only three weeks after arriving in the United States. Throughout this novella-length memoir, we follow the protagonist’s thoughts, his fears, and his ambitions as he attempts to brave the snow and cold to reach his destination.

The story offers a fresh perspective of an outsider, who represents the dreams and struggles of the many people who come to the United States to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. This is the first book in a planned series. People planning on coming to the US to further their careers would do well to read this book and learn from it.


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