Rebel: Short Stories from Nepal


Rebel: Short Stories from Nepal


The short stories in this anthology share a unique distinction: all navigate the different aspects of the Maoist insurgency in Nepal when the country was thrown chaotically into war. Compiled and translated by Ram C. Khatri, these stories were originally written in Nepali language by police officers, Maoist fighters, and established authors. The stories show different aspects of the war-time era of Nepal.

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Rebel is the collection of short stories by various established Nepali authors. All the stories were set the conflict-hit period of Nepal during the 1990s. When the country was chaotically thrown into the war, many people had lost their lives and all the stories compiled in the anthology reflect this grim reality. Authors included in Rebel are police officers, Maoist rebels and established short story writers. The collection was compiled and translated by Ram C. Khatri. Stories included in the book are ‘Buddha in the Slaughterhouse’ by Mahesh Bikram Shah, ‘We, Two Soldiers’ by Saral Sahayatri, ‘The Silence of Violence’ by Padmavati Singh, ‘Now, Your Turn My Dear’ by Manu Brajaki, ‘Remorse’ by Ghanashyam Dhakal, and ‘Sukanya Alias Nilima’ by Sharmila Khadka.


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