Jhamak Ghimire – the Helen Keller from Nepal

Jhamak Ghimire – the Helen Keller from Nepal

Jhamak Ghimire

Jhamak Ghimire, who has been honored with Madan Puraskar, Nepal’s highest award in the literary field, was born in Dhankuta in 1980. Like Helen Keller, she suffers from cerebral palsy and just like most of the cerebral palsy patients turning out to be geniuses, she too has come a long way from a vegetable whose parents wished she were dead to one of the most esteemed writers in Nepali literature.

I wonder whether cerebral palsy blocks all physical activities and channels out creativity from the brains. Look at Stephen Hawking, a crippled man with no movements whatsoever, and he is considered as the greatest theoretical physicist alive. Helen Keller, on the other hand, has already carved her name in the history of the world.

Why compare Jhamak Ghimire with such world renowned people? 

There is a vast gap between their lives. For instance, Helen Keller was from a well off family and they could afford her a private tutor (Anne Sullivan), just as it was the same for Stephen Hawking and any other geniuses with cerebral palsy. Jhamak had none; she is from a poor family from a God-forsaken village in Dhankuta. Her parents were always against her wish to learn to read and write.

Jhamak learned to write with three toes of her left foot; they are the only organs under her full control. In her autobiography “Jivan Kada Ki Phool” ( Life is a Flower or a Thorn ) which has been recently translated into English as “a flower in the midst of thorns” she writes: . . . To read complete article, click here.

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