America: Through The Eyes of A Nepali Writer

America: Through The Eyes of A Nepali Writer


Krishna Dharabasi’s “Great Falls”

As a result of releasing “JHOLA”, a movie based on the literature of Krishna Dharabasi, the author of Great Falls visited 18 states in America; but his main objective was to understand American society. Great Falls is a travel novel which explores the journey of memoir in America.

As a Nepali, Dharabasi spent a long time in Nepal. Today, he resides in America, where he wants to practice and experiment new literature. Prior to beginning his novel, Dharabasi traveled through 18 states, looking to comprehend society in America. He successfully showed the reality of America for a Nepali in Great Falls. He depicted the Nepalis lifestyle, and the emotions one feels throughout his journey.

The United States of America is known for “The American Dream,” and as a land of opportunity. Staying true to this, the author does not marginalize anyone. He writes about people who came through diversity and student visas, people attending public meetings and seminars, and cultural programs. Dharabasi offers a micro-analysis of the people who had been living in America illegally for years, including the daily routine of Bhutanese refuse.

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